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Welcome to Remy’s Consulting, an independent firm that has grown from the roots of Grants Ink…

After months of diligent work and strategic refinement, we’re excited to introduce Remy’s Consulting, a new chapter in our professional journey aimed at elevating our grant writing and funding acquisition services to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. This evolution reflects our deep commitment to excellence and our desire to offer more personalized, specialized services tailored specifically to your unique aspirations and projects. As we transition to a boutique approach, focusing on select clients ready for growth and seeking bespoke grant funding solutions, we remain dedicated to leveraging our proven track record of securing $25 million in grant funding to support your success in a more focused and impactful manner.

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A Note from Lorinda

My “Why”

HI! My name is Lorinda Gonzalez-Santana, and I held the position of grant director and grant writer at a well known firm for a decade, serving over 100 nonprofits and social entrepreneurs in the US and in Latin America.  I’ve personally served (mostly) nonprofit organizations and a handful of for profit companies over the past 15 years, bringing in over $25 million of grant and donor funding.  Some of the big names we served included the Latin Grammy’s, Red Cross and National Endowment for the Arts. 

After 10 years supporting the growth and development of Grants Ink, the founders decided to close the company in October ’23 and move towards other aspirations. While difficult, I found this change as an opportunity for me to grow and develop both professional and personally, leading to opening my own consultancy firm, Remy’s Consulting

Lorinda Gonzalez-Santana Founder of Remy's Consulting

New Approach

Through this new endeavor, I’ll be able to work one-on-one with clients in an effort to structure their funding activities to yield consistent grant funds for their projects. Rather than only focusing on grant writing, I’m taking a new approach to funding – teaching and integrating teams and systems that actually setup clients to get and keep grant funds. It’s easy to draft a proposal and get one proposal funded. What’s hard is how to keep the funding, find new opportunities, and avoid being in the all too common position of considering closing you doors because of a funding crisis. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Now, let’s get that money!


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Charting a Course to Financial Success

Expert Guidance in Grant Writing & Strategy

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Grant Funding Gap Analysis

Our expertise lies in assessing organizations to ensure they are prepared for grant funding, utilizing our proven three-step GGA approach that guarantees readiness for 80% of grant criteria. Our method is carefully designed to equip you with the essential tools for success, focusing on the collection, preparation, and organization vital components necessary for grant applications. We provide a complete solution tailored to those seeking robust support in navigating the complexities of successful grant submissions..

Find a Grant Writer

As premier grant writing specialists, we excel in creating compelling grant proposals that stand out. Our approach involves a personalized partnership with each client to identify, educate, and onboard skilled grant writers. Utilizing our unique methodologies, we meticulously design customized proposals aimed at significantly enhancing the likelihood of successfully obtaining funding.

Strategic Capacity Building

We work hand-in-hand with your team to enhance your organization’s ability. Our focus is on empowering your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the competitive landscape of grant acquisition, fostering long-term organizational growth.

Together, we’re building a stronger financial future for your organization.

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