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Grant Readiness Review

Our exclusive Grant Readiness Review (GRR) is a specialized methodology designed to evaluate and prime organizations for grant acquisition. Through a blend of informative videos and our sophisticated online document submission portal, our experts meticulously assess your submissions, offering bespoke advice on enhancing your grant preparedness. You’ll receive a detailed report pinpointing areas for improvement along with customized recommendations to boost your readiness for grants. Moreover, we equip you with an advanced cloud-based platform tailored for grant writers, streamlining the application process for future grants. This innovative tool not only saves up to 80% of the time typically invested in grant writing but also significantly reduces the expenses associated with hiring grant writing professionals.

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Grant Strategy & Execution

This service gives us a mix of one-on-one time to work together along with time I’ll work on your behalf offline. It’s like having a grant writer/business strategist/project manager all at once. Together we’ll work on grant research, proposal development, grant calendar management, and everything needed for you to get…keep…& maintain funding for your organization.

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Cleanup & Reset

This service is perfect for organizations who have had grant funds in the past, but due to several factors (change in management, growth or just overwhelm) are behind on grant activities. I’ll review what funding you’ve had in the past, currently have, and would like to acquire moving forward. Together we’ll work on catching up on reporting, reestablishing connections w/ previous funders, integrating a more structured & organized cloud-based funding framework to get you and keep you on track.

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Strategic Grant Funding Exploration

With this service, we will initiate a comprehensive exploration of strategic grant funding research, meticulously designed to generate a detailed report of high-target funders that are an ideal match for your organization’s objectives. Our specialized approach guarantees that you’re not merely identifying funding sources but are connecting with partners genuinely aligned with your mission. Leveraging our expertise, we will navigate you through the complex funding landscape, providing a roadmap to not only secure financial support but also to establish meaningful collaborations for future success.

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Find a Grant Writer

Our “Find a Grant Writer” service offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking professional grant writing expertise. As top-tier grant writers, we specialize in identifying, hiring, and training individuals to become adept grant writers for your needs. Whether it’s someone already on your staff, a dedicated volunteer, or connecting you with one of our thoroughly vetted grant writers, we ensure a seamless integration of talent into your team. This service is designed to equip your organization with a skilled grant writer who aligns with your mission and goals, providing you with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of grant applications successfully.

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Ink Sessions

This service is a great go-to for newer organizations who need support but don’t yet have the budget in place for more comprehensive services (don’t worry, we’ll get there). We’ll meet one-on-one to put “pen to paper” (digitally) and work alongside your organization on actionable next steps to get you grant ready.

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Empower Your Mission with Tailored Solutions

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