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At Remy’s Consulting, we believe that grant funding is within reach for all organizations dedicated to community service, provided they have the appropriate support. The key to unlocking this potential lies not just in the pursuit of grants but in fostering a robust organizational infrastructure capable of supporting grant acquisition efforts. This includes the meticulous preparation of grant-related documents, cultivating a clear and unified vision, and encouraging seamless internal communication and teamwork.

Our guiding principle is straightforward: to enhance your chances of securing consistent grant funding, your organization must establish consistent and precise documentation and processes. The absence of these foundational elements can lead to inefficiencies, wasted resources, and unnecessary expenditures in grant writing activities. Rather than attributing shortcomings to the grant writer, we place the onus on the organization itself to equip its grant writers with everything they need to succeed.

At Remy’s Consulting, we’re more than just advisors; we’re partners committed to helping you build the internal framework that supports successful grant writing. Our approach is designed to empower your team, streamline your processes, and ultimately, maximize your funding opportunities. Together, we can transform your grant funding strategy from a challenge into an achievable goal, ensuring your organization’s vital services continue to thrive and benefit the community.

We go beyond grant writing by crafting pathways to success, blending professional excellence with personal passion. Whether you’re looking to secure funding for a groundbreaking project or seeking to bring artistic dreams to fruition, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Welcome to a place where your goals are understood, your vision is valued, and your success is our priority. Join us, and let’s create something remarkable together.

Lorinda Gonzalez-Santana Founder of Remy's Consulting

Lorinda Gonzalez-Santana

Remy's Consulting Founder
Writing Specialist
RPF & Contract Specialist

Our Founder

At the heart of Remy’s Consulting is our founder, Lorinda Gonzalez-Santana, a visionary who has always seen the grant funding landscape as a mystery with a solution rather than an impossible feat. Her career spans over a decade in the grant funding sector, during which she has not only demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for securing significant funding for a wide range of projects but has also cultivated a unique approach that sets Remy’s Consulting apart.

Lorinda embarked on this journey with a solid academic foundation, holding a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts in English Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Business, and a Master of Arts degree in Communication and Marketing. Her journey continued with prestigious certifications as an AGWA Certified Grant Writer and a Certified Grant Writing Specialist. Further honing her expertise, Lorinda was trained in Washington DC alongside federal grant funders, equipping her with an unparalleled understanding of the grant funding landscape. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Lorinda has dedicated herself to education, teaching workshops and trainings on how to prepare for and acquire grant funds for over ten years, with more than ten thousand students benefiting from her insights to date. A significant aspect of her success lies in her focus on team building and open communication. Lorinda loves and has excelled in creating and managing online teams for multiple years, demonstrating her adaptability and forward-thinking approach. She passionately embraces diversity in the workplace, believing that a multitude of perspectives enhances creativity, problem-solving, and overall success. This comprehensive educational and training background, coupled with her commitment to team dynamics and diversity, has laid the groundwork for a distinguished career in grant writing and consulting – discussed in more detail in an interview with American Express in 2023.

At Remy’s Consulting, our mission is to empower organizations with innovative and proven strategies for acquiring grant funding, transcending traditional approaches. Our methodology encompasses a holistic suite of concepts, including open communication, organizational documentation, strategic planning, and fund initiative comprehension—far exceeding proposal drafting. We dedicate ourselves not only to bolstering community organizations but also to supporting grant writers navigating complex office dynamics. Our commitment is dual-faceted: we are as devoted to enhancing the capabilities of professional writers as we are to advancing nonprofit organizations and community initiatives.

Lorinda Gonzalez-Santana Founder of Remy's Consulting
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